Benefits of Snap-on Dentures

Benefits of Snap-on Dentures Mini Dental Implants Dr. Todd Shatkin

When you lose your teeth, it can affect you in a lot of different ways. This can be very emotional for you. You might also notice that your physical health is being negatively impacted. Your confidence can take a major hit when you have tooth loss. Our snap-on dentures provide you with the results that you need. If you want to meet with our Buffalo dentist, call our office to set up a free consultation as soon as possible.

We can help you get results that help you look and feel better.

Get Your Confidence Back

When you have dental issues that cause you to lose your teeth, it can impact your quality of life by impacting your self-confidence. We know how much this can hurt you. It is embarrassing to have visibly missing teeth. You might want to hide your smile, avoid social situations, etc. This all leads to a decline in your mental health. Snap-on dentures can help you feel more confident in your appearance.

We have had patients say they have felt depressed because they lost their teeth. Do not wait to reach out to us to seek a solution. We can get you started sooner than you think.

Eat and Speak Easier

You likely have been having trouble with food and talking since you have lost your teeth. Snap-on dentures provide you with the ability to comfortably eat and talk without the risk of your dentures popping out or shifting uncomfortably.

The dentures stay in place because you have mini implants in the jawbone that the dentures snap onto. They will not go anywhere once you have them snapped in. This is going to allow you to chew and talk as if they were your natural teeth.

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Free Consultation for Snap-on Dentures

If you want to learn more about this treatment from our Buffalo dentist, please reach out to our office to set up a free consultation. You can sit down with Dr. Todd Shatkin to go over the pros and cons of this treatment. We can also help you visualize the look of these dentures. Please do not allow price to stop you from receiving a life-changing treatment. We offer financing along with our free consultations.

Call Our Buffalo Dentist Today

Get snap-on dentures if you want to solve your tooth loss issues. We provide you with the treatment you need to get a smile that you love. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us right away. We care deeply about getting you the results that you want. Call us today!

One thought on “Benefits of Snap-on Dentures

  1. Allisonlee says:

    I have been interested in having this done since the day lost all my teeth at the age of 30. My adult teeth never came thru in most areas of my mouth and after have My daughter I realized that time withbthree children would be theirs and not my norm biweekly dentist appointment My bottom row has never fit and my top row is superdicial just Soni can. So what I love to d that’s smiling . I have had xhrohns disease since 2 ND grade but got allot worse after my dentures and been hospitalized more since my dentures because of flare ups blockages and can’t eat as healthy and xhde as well as I should. Malorie mm y youngest is now ten been a single mother for 11 years. I worked hard for my children but I think it’s mybtime to break thru my lacknof confidence and to be healthier. What is the average cost to see you soon
    Alliaonlee Hassek
    Age 40

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