Cosmetic Dentistry

Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Shatkin, and welcome again to the Aesthetic Associates Centre. I hope you’re checking out all the videos on this video library because there’s so much great information about dentistry for you to learn about. One of the things I want to talk about right now is cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic dental procedures.

Whether you have unsightly silver or gold fillings in your mouth and you want to replace those with white, beautiful, natural tooth-looking fillings, we can do that for you. Maybe you like the gold and you want more gold in your mouth – we can do that, too! Cosmetic dentistry is particular to the patient. Some people want a beautiful white, white smile. Other people want their smile to look more natural. Whatever your needs are, we can provide that here at the Aesthetic Associates Centre.

Whether it’s using porcelain veneers to coat your teeth and make them look beautiful and straight in one visit, or if it’s just about doing crystal clear aligners to align the teeth and make them straighter with orthodontic care, or if you have a few teeth that have huge fillings that need to be crowned, we can do all of that for you in one or two short visits. Just give us a call for a free consultation. I’d love to see you. We have a whole team of dentists here who would be happy to see you for a free consultation, and we can come up with a solution for you to improve your smile. Check out the rest of the videos on our website give us a call for a free consultation.

If you or a loved one is interested in cosmetic dentistry in Buffalo, NY please contact us today to arrange your free consultation with Dr. Todd Shatkin DDS at the Aesthetic Associates Centre.

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