Dental Injury FAQs

Dental Injury FAQs Buffalo Dentist Free Consultations Emergency

Have you recently sustained a dental injury, you are likely worried about your smile. Our Buffalo dentist has many treatment options for you to be able to save your smile and restore your oral health. Please do not wait to reach out to our office right away to set up a free consultation or set up an appointment.

Do I Need an Appointment for a Dental Injury?

Depending on the type of injury you have to your teeth, you may or may not need an appointment to get in. If you have a minor injury to your tooth that is not an emergency, you can likely wait to get in for an appointment.

A dental emergency would be if you have a tooth knocked out, a nerve exposed, or pain that doesn’t go away with at-home care. If your pain doesn’t improve with OTC pain killers and/or a compress to the area, you likely need to get in for an emergency visit.

If you are not sure whether or not your dental issue is an emergency, please give our office a call. We can triage you over the phone to assess whether or not you will be able to get in for an emergency appointment or you will need to schedule an appointment.

Treatment Options for a Dental Injury

Your treatment options will vary based on your injury. For instance, you may need a root canal if you have an impacted tooth or a root fracture.

If your teeth have been knocked out, we may be able to fix a temporary splint to your teeth to hold the knocked-out tooth in place so that your gum line accepts it and heals. This won’t be possible if the tooth has been outside of the dental cavity for too long.

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If you need a tooth replaced due to damage or you physically lost the tooth that got knocked out, we can help restore your smile. We can utilize one of two replacement options.

Dental implants or mini dental implants can be used to replace the missing tooth. Dental implants are good if your bone structure is strong, and you are missing a larger tooth. Mini dental implants are used when you are not a good candidate for traditional dental implants, or you are missing a smaller tooth.

Call Our Buffalo Dentist Today

If you have sustained a dental injury and you need to get in to see our Buffalo dentist for restorative dental care, please give our office a call right away. We perform many different restorative dental treatments than can save your smile. Reach out to us right away to set up your first free consultation.

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