Fix-on-Six With Mini Dental Implants: Experience the Stability of Fixed Dentures

Fix-on-Six Dental Implants in Buffalo, NY | Mini Implants | Dentures

If you have a standard denture, it might not always feel like a natural part of you. Instead, it can feel like an awkward piece that just doesn’t fit right. You might worry that it could slip out of place during a meal, making it hard to enjoy your food. Or it might shift while you’re speaking, causing you to feel self-conscious and interrupt the flow of your conversations. This constant fear of your denture betraying you can be a real distraction, keeping you from fully enjoying your day. Consider how life-changing it would be to have dentures that feel like a seamless part of you, not an unpredictable accessory. This is possible thanks to Fix-on-Six with mini dental implants. This technique, patented and perfected by Dr. Todd Shatkin, offers a smoother path to denture stabilization.

Why Are My Dentures Loose?

Fix-on-Six Dental Implants in Buffalo, NY | Mini Implants | Dentures

When you first received your conventional dentures, they probably felt snug and allowed you to regain some of your oral function. Over time, though, you might have noticed that they don’t fit as well as they used to. Maybe they slip more often or feel uncomfortable, and you’re left wondering what changed. How did something that once fit so well become a source of frustration?

When you lose your natural teeth, your jawbone loses the roots that keep it stimulated and strong. Without this stimulation, the bone begins to shrink and deteriorate, a process known as bone resorption. As your jawbone changes shape and size, your once snug dentures become loose and ill-fitting, causing discomfort, difficulty eating, mouth sores, and more.

If your dentures become loose, you can visit your dentist to have them relined. Relining involves adding material to the inner part of your denture to help it fit snugly against your gums again. While this temporarily fixes the problem, your jawbone will continue to change shape. As a result, you will need another reline in the future, and then another. This process can be inconvenient and costly.

Fix-on-Six: Your Denture Solution With Mini Dental Implants

Roundhouse bridges, anchored with dental implants, significantly improve upon conventional dentures. They provide a more dependable and secure option for tooth replacement. While traditional dentures rest on top of the gums and often rely on messy adhesives to stay in place, we secure implant bridges to the jawbone with dental implants. This system ensures your prosthetic remains firmly in place. It also helps maintain the health of your jawbone by preventing the bone loss that occurs when you lose teeth.

All-on-4® and Fix-on-Six® are two different implant systems that support a roundhouse bridge, but they differ in the type and number of implants used. All-on-4 utilizes traditional dental implants, which are approximately 5 millimeters in diameter. Because of their larger size, these implants need a more robust bone structure and take longer to heal.

On the other hand, the Fix-on-Six system uses mini dental implants. At less than 3 mm wide, mini implants are significantly smaller. Their narrow diameter makes the process of placing them much less invasive, simplifying the procedure and shortening the treatment duration.

Mini dental implants are particularly notable because they allow for the “immediate loading” of a prosthetic. This means Dr. Shatkin can attach new teeth the same day he places the implants, providing immediate functionality. This quick turnaround is a major benefit for anyone seeking a fast and convenient denture solution with minimal impact on their daily routine.

Dr. Todd Shatkin’s Fix-on-Six With Mini Dental Implants

It’s also important to consider how these systems distribute the load of your denture. The Fix-on-Six® system, developed by Dr. Todd Shatkin, uses 6 to 10 mini implants to support a full-arch zirconia restoration, whereas the All-on-4® system relies on just four implants for stability.

At first, All-on-4 might seem appealing because it uses fewer implants. However, each larger implant in the All-on-4 system must support a substantial load. If a single implant were to fail, only three would be left to support the entire denture, which can compromise its stability and function. So, All-on-4 quickly turns into All-on-none. By using more implants, Fix-on-Six ensures greater stability and reliability while evenly distributing bite forces across the jaw.

Stabilize Your Denture With Dr. Todd Shatkin Today

If you’re fed up with your dentures feeling awkward and unreliable, it might be time for a change. Picture having dentures that fit perfectly, providing stability and comfort without the constant worry of them slipping or shifting. Fix-on-Six® with mini dental implants, a procedure perfected by Dr. Todd Shatkin, provides a more stable solution for denture wearers. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about our dental implant options!

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