3 Dental Care Financing Options

3 Dental Care Financing Options

We know that dental care can be costly. Not everyone has the money to pay for dental work right out of their pocket in one lump sum. We accept dental care financing options for those who need some assistance.

Whether you are coming in for cosmetic dental work or restorative dental work such as a dental implant, we do not want the cost to stop you from being to get the treatment that you want. If you want to learn more about how financing works, please give us a call right away so we can set you up with a free consultation.


If you are looking for a financing option that will allow you to pay the cost of your dental work in monthly payments like a credit card, you should look into CareCredit. It also works for health, beauty, and even some veterinarian services.

There is a minimum monthly payment when you used CareCredit, but this dental care financing option is great if you cannot pay for the treatment in one transaction. It is also something that you could potentially use again because it is recognized in so many places. Apply Now

Health Credit Services

Do you want a financing option that is not going to have an impact on your credit score to pre-qualify? We accept health credit services. This is an affordable option for financing. You can pay back your dental work bill over time

The payments are flexible for your financial situation. It can be used for more than your dental work. This method of dental care financing is secure and safe.

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Lending Club Patient Solutions

The third option that we recommend you take a look at if you are looking for financing options is Lending Club Patient Solutions. This is great if you are looking for an option that gives you low monthly payments and does not require that you pay an upfront fee.

You can personalize your payment plan based on your budget and the process is very straightforward.

Call Our Office Today for a Free Consultation

We want you to get the treatment you need without the cost being a hindrance. When you are worried about being able to afford dental work in one payment, please do not hesitate to look into our dental care financing options. Give us a call right away. We can get you in for a free consultation.

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