Dr. Todd Shatkin Medal of Honor Ceremony at Daemen College

Dr. Todd Shatkin, owner of the Aesthetic Associates Centre and Shatkin FIRST, is honored to receive the prestigious Daemen College Presidential Medal, the college’s highest recognition of individuals who serve as a strong, positive role model for students and alumni.

The medal honors individuals who have made a significant effort to improve the quality of life in Western New York, have made contributions toward the growth and advancement of Daemen, and have invested substantial time, effort or resources to improve the world and humanity.

Daemen President Gary Olson presented the medal in a special virtual ceremony held on Nov. 13 in Dr. Shatkin’s honor.

A long-time partner and advocate for Daemen, Dr. Todd Shatkin’s support has been vital in Daemen’s COVID-19 testing efforts for all students, faculty, and staff.