Choosing a Mini Implant Dentist

Choosing a Mini Implant Dentist Free Consultation with Dr. Todd Shatkin

Losing your teeth can be very traumatic. You might feel embarrassed and want to avoid social situations in which someone might notice your missing teeth. Our mini implant dentist can help you regain your confidence, first of all, and help you improve your overall health. When you do not have teeth, it makes eating more difficult which can impact your overall well-being. You might be wondering how to choose the right dentist. Please keep reading to learn more, and then give our Buffalo mini implant dentist a call to set up a free consultation.

What Are Mini Implants?

When you have lost teeth and want a more affordable option than traditional implants, mini implants can be great. They are a 3mm metal piece that comes from the jaw that holds a snap-in denture. You often can walk away from your appointment able to eat with your new teeth the same day of your appointment which would not be the case for you if you had traditional implants.

Our mini implant dentist advocates for this treatment for more than just being able to have a better dental function. We want you to be able to be happy with how your teeth look. You lose a lot of confidence when you lose your teeth, but mini implants can give it back to you. You won’t have to worry about dentures that don’t fit well or talking strangely.

With mini implants, you can get all of the same benefits that you would with dentures and implants combined. Dentures are not always ideal despite the low cost because they tend to be uncomfortable, they do get removed so that means they can fall out when you are talking or eating which can be very embarrassing. Mini implants are more affordable than dental implants and they provide very similar benefits and results.

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Picking the Right Mini Implant Dentist

When you are choosing the right person to give you such important dental care, you want to pick someone who has done this a lot and has the experience necessary to give you the look and feel that you want. Dr. Todd Shatkin has been working in the community of Buffalo for many years. You are in good hands with him. Trust that we can transform you into someone who is confident and comfortable with your smile.

Call Our Buffalo Mini Implant Dentist Today

If you are ready to come into the office for a free consultation, do not hesitate to give us a call. We want to help you get confidence in your smile. Mini implants can give you what you are looking for. Call today to get set up with a free consultation with Dr. Todd Shatkin.

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