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ClearChoice Alternatives in Buffalo, NY | Mini Dental Implants

Tooth loss presents many challenges, affecting not only the aesthetics of your smile but also your ability to chew, speak, and maintain strong oral health. While a range of solutions are available, the challenge often lies in determining the best fit for individual needs. Navigating through dental options to find the right solution can be a complex decision-making process. But tooth replacement doesn’t have to be a long and winding road. If you are looking for ClearChoice alternatives, we can help. With mini dental implants, we can replace your missing teeth efficiently and affordably, delivering beautiful and long-lasting results.

The Aesthetic Associates Centre is a Mini Dental Implant Center of America (MDICA). Our experienced team will help you understand the nuances between available solutions to ensure that the chosen method addresses your tooth loss concerns and aligns with your long-term dental health goals.

Finding Alternatives to ClearChoice

ClearChoice Alternatives in Buffalo, NY | Mini Dental Implants

While ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers provide options for tooth replacement, there are important considerations to remember. One notable drawback is that they use traditional implants, which can cost more than other implant alternatives. The procedure’s cost is a result of the multi-piece design of the implant, its size, and the multiple appointments required. For some, bone grafting is an added expense. This surgery is often needed to build up the jawbone to accommodate the implants, which measure 5 millimeters wide on average.

Choosing ClearChoice’s conventional dental implant procedure demands a substantial time commitment. Not only does bone grafting and implant placement take several months to accomplish, but healing from the procedure adds another six months. During this recovery period, patients must wear a temporary restoration, eat a soft diet, and attend several checkups.

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This lengthy and complex process is inconvenient and costly. It doesn’t suit those seeking swift and efficient solutions. At the Aesthetic Associates Centre, we use revolutionary mini dental implants, overcoming these challenges and offering additional patient benefits.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Like conventional implants, mini dental implants function as the missing tooth’s roots to support a prosthesis. Measuring less than 3 millimeters in diameter, these implants are half the size of their conventional counterparts. Thanks to their slender form, mini implants are much less invasive. And because they are designed as one single piece, their placement is less complex.

Though they are narrower, mini dental implants are remarkably effective and versatile. Like conventional implants, these implants can be used to support a single crown, replace several consecutive teeth with an implant bridge, or even stabilize dentures. What sets these two implants apart, however, is that placing mini implants is much gentler and straightforward. Mini dental implants are an ideal option, particularly for those who might not qualify for the more invasive procedures necessary for conventional implants or those looking to avoid frequent dental appointments.

ClearChoice Alternatives: The Benefits of MDICA

Choosing the right tooth replacement method is an important decision. Mini dental implants present a compelling alternative to ClearChoice conventional implants, offering numerous advantages in terms of comfort, cost, and convenience. Some of the benefits you can expect from visiting a Mini Dental Implant Center of America, like the Aesthetic Associates Centre, include:

  • Less invasive procedure: Unlike conventional implants, mini dental implants don’t require incisions or other invasive surgical techniques. As a result, the procedure is minimally invasive and gentle, resulting in reduced discomfort and quicker healing.
  • Immediate results: One of the most significant benefits of mini dental implants is the ability to complete the entire procedure in a single visit. Patients will leave with fully functional teeth the same day.
  • Affordability: The implant design and streamlined process make mini dental implants a more cost-effective option.
  • Versatility: Mini dental implants can be used even in cases where traditional implants are not viable, such as for patients with narrow jawbones or significant bone loss. Additionally, they can support a wide variety of prostheses, offering a more efficient option for a wide range of tooth replacement solutions.
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Additionally, our practice has an on-site dental laboratory, offering convenience and cost savings to our patients. Our master technicians fabricate beautiful restorations and can make timely adjustments if needed. This feature makes the already streamlined mini dental implant process even more efficient.

One of the greatest benefits of choosing the right dental implant lies beyond physical appearance. Dental implants boost self-esteem, improve speech, and enhance patients’ overall quality of life. Thanks to the efficiency of mini dental implants, you can experience these benefits much more quickly without breaking the bank.

Dr. Todd Shatkin: Your MDICA Founder

As a president emeritus of the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants, MDICA founder, and inventor of the minimally invasive mini implant placement technique, dentist Dr. Todd Shatkin has witnessed time and time again the transformative impact of mini dental implants.

In addition to seeing patients at the director of dentistry at the Aesthetic Associates Centre, Dr. Shatkin shares his techniques worldwide through national and international lectures and has personally trained over 40,000 dentists in the patented techniques that he has developed. In addition to enriching fellow dentists and positively impacting patients nationwide, Dr. Shatkin has placed over 45,000 implants himself.

Alongside his role as a general dentist, he owns our Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® laboratory and training center, which provides educational opportunities and implant products that have transformed countless smiles.

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If you are searching for a better alternative to ClearChoice and want to learn more about innovative mini dental implants, contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation. With 35 years of experience, Dr. Shatkin is Buffalo’s leading cosmetic and implant dentist, specializing in mini dental implants.

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Our practice is especially equipped to help you find a tailored solution for your tooth loss needs. Don’t wait to find out what mini dental implants can do for you—let us give you the smile you have always wanted!

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