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Affordable Dental Implants

Affordable Dental Implants | Todd Shatkin DDS | Buffalo Dentist

Affordable Dental Implants Are you experiencing tooth loss? Do you have signs of premature aging, especially around your mouth and jawline? If so, you may benefit from dental implants. When you lose a tooth, your face immediately starts to change shape. That’s because with tooth loss comes bone loss. It’s inevitable, and often this bone […]

Dental Exam

Dental Exam in Buffalo, NY | Todd Shatkin DDS | Free Consultation

Dental Exams in Buffalo, NY It is recommended by the American Dental Association, you should see your dentist regularly in order to help prevent and treat oral disease. Dental check-ups are important to ensure you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. What is a dental exam? Essentially, a dental exam is where your dentist will […]

Fixing Gapped Teeth

Fixing Gapped Teeth | Todd Shatkin DDS | Buffalo Dentist

Fixing Gapped Teeth One of the most common dental issues that people experience is gapped teeth. As the name suggests, gapped teeth refer to when there are spaces between two or more of your teeth. This can cause issues with both functionality and self-confidence. If you’re having difficulty appreciating your smile or using your teeth […]

Permanent Dentures

Permanent Dentures | Todd Shatkin DDS | Buffalo Dentist

Permanent Dentures The older you get, the more likely it is that you’ll lose some teeth. This can be from either natural tooth decay or oral health issues. Unfortunately, as you lose teeth, the structure of your face and mouth may begin to alter as well. That’s because your teeth provide foundation points for your […]

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment | Todd Shatkin DDS | Buffalo Dentist

Gum Disease Treatment Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is an infection of the gums that can potentially destroy features of the mouth, including the jawbone. When you first show signs of gum disease, it’s vital to seek treatment as soon as possible. This way, if you catch it sooner, rather than later, it can […]

Fixing Broken Teeth

Fixing Broken Teeth | Todd Shatkin DDS | Buffalo Dentist

Fixing Broken Teeth Accidents happen, and so do broken teeth. A broken tooth, as the name suggests, is when a part of the tooth, or the whole tooth, is broken or chipped. These can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable, especially if cracked through sensitive nerve structures of the tooth. Traditionally, a minor chip may not […]

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening | Todd Shatkin DDS | Buffalo Dentist

Oral Cancer Screening Visits to the dentist are necessary. During these visits, they ensure your teeth are clean and healthy and that your oral health is in good standing. One common issue that may be tested for by your dentist is oral cancer. As the name suggests, oral cancer is cancer found in the mouth. […]

Dental Checkup

Dental Checkup Todd Shatkin DDS Buffalo Dentist Free Consultation

Dental Checkup Everybody should visit the dentist regularly. The dentist cares for more than just the teeth; they monitor the state of your oral health and analyze if there are any preventative measures that you must take to maintain the state of your mouth. We get it, dentists can be scary. In fact, many people […]

Mini-Dental Implants

Mini-Dental Implants Todd Shatkin DDS Implant Dentist in Buffalo, NY 2

Mini-Dental Implants For those who are missing teeth, life can feel like a struggle. If you’re missing a tooth, you may feel self-conscious and you may not be able to carry out everyday functions as you’d like. For example, chewing certain foods may pose as a difficulty, and you may not want to smile for […]

Shatkin Dental Health

Shatkin Dental Health Dr. Todd Shatkin Cosmetic Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Shatkin Dental Health was established in 2018(9) from the vision of Dr. Todd Shatkin. Shatkin Dental Health is a spin-off of the Aesthetic Associate Centre, a dental practice and plastic surgery center established by Dr. Samuel Shatkin Sr., DDS MD and his sons Todd and Samuel Shatkin Jr., MD (a plastic surgeon). Dr. Shatkin mentored […]