Invisible Braces in Buffalo, NY

Invisible Braces in Buffalo, NY Krystal Klear Aligners Dr. Todd Shatkin

Invisible Braces in Buffalo, NY

The science of teeth straightening has evolved over the years, along with significant improvements in dental care. Not too long ago, your dentists’ recommendation to get braces would be quite similar to social suicide. Even though the prospect of a complete set of straight teeth seemed attractive, many persons would rather leave their teeth in a certain way rather than move around with apparent braces.

Things have changed now, and a recommendation to use braces is not as feared by patients as they used to be. Dentists have evolved and upgraded and have several modern tools to ensure that every individual patient gets the kind of treatment they are very comfortable with.

One such treatment popular in modern orthodontics today is ‘invisible braces.’

At our office, we offer Krystal Klear Aligners that straighten teeth about 30% faster, require no attachments on the teeth, and are approximately 30% less expensive than Invisalign and other clear aligners on the market. Watch this video of Dr. Todd Shatkin and Dr. John Lucchese on WKBW TV as they explain how the Krystal Klear Aligners work. 

Invisible braces are a type of short-term orthodontic system that is less conspicuous than traditional braces. In other words, these braces are not visible even when someone is standing very close to the person wearing them. Invisible braces, unlike traditional braces, cannot address all teeth misalignment issues. Invisible braces can only be used for the following conditions;

  1. Overbite
  2. Crowded or widely spaced teeth
  3. Crooked teeth
  4. Out-of-position teeth

Invisible braces are usable for adults and teenagers but not for children with baby teeth. Children with teeth misalignment issues will need traditional braces in front of their teeth. Nonetheless, your dentist or orthodontist is the best person to advise you on the type of braces best suited to you.

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Types of Invisible Braces

Three types of individual braces are prevalent; ceramic or clear braces, lingual braces, and our Krystal Klear Aligners.

Ceramic / Clear Braces

Think of ceramic braces as traditional braces of a different color. They work in the same fashion as conventional braces but are much less conspicuous.

Ceramic braces are clear or tooth-colored and are joined by clear or tooth-colored wires. Ceramic braces blend in with your teeth and make it much less noticeable than traditional metal braces. As a result of the white or clear color of ceramic braces, they can get stained pretty easily. Ceramic braces should not be removed throughout the time of treatment. If you are looking for a more discrete option, our Krystal Klear Aligners are your best option.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces have all the advantages of traditional braces without many aesthetic concerns. Lingual braces use the same bracket and wire system that is used by conventional braces.

The most significant difference between lingual braces and traditional braces is that lingual braces are placed on the teeth’ back surface and not the front of the tooth. This makes them virtually impossible to spot unless an inquisitive person placed a mirror behind someone’s teeth.

Lingual braces have a more comprehensive range of people who can use them and correct more misalignment problems than any other type of invisible braces.

The drawbacks of lingual braces are that; they are quite expensive, and they require you to spend more time at the dentist’s office. They also do not clean very easily.

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Krystal Klear Aligners

Our Krystal Klear Aligners include a series of custom formed plastic aligners to help correct misalignment issues. They are very similar to a mouth guard in physical outlook.

Krystal Klear Aligners have a more exciting mode of operation. First, we make a mold of your teeth to allow the software to create a system that understands how your teeth move. A plastic aligner is that is custom molded to help shift the teeth into the proper position is then given to you to help you straighten your teeth.

Our Krystal Klear Aligners are changed along the way as the shifting of your teeth progresses, with each new aligner designed to straighten your teeth even better. Krystal Klear Aligners are great for people who do not wish to wear their braces every day, and want a more discrete way to straighten their teeth. It is great for young patients, adults, and really anyone who wants to improve their smile without the cumbersome and unsightly brackets and wires.

Are you in Buffalo, NY, and require invisible braces or any other form of cosmetic dentistry?

Get in touch with Dr. Todd Shatkin of Aesthetic Associates Centre at 2500, Kensington Avenue, Amherst NY 14226, and schedule a free consultation today! With over 30 years of experience, he welcomes the opportunity to put a smile on your face.

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