The Strength of Fix-on-Six Mini Dental Implants

Fix-on-Six in Buffalo, NY | Mini Dental Implants | Implant Dentures

Traditional dentures provide an answer to tooth loss, but this solution is far from flawless. Over time, dentures begin to feel less secure, raising concerns about shifting and causing unnecessary anxiety for the wearer. While they provide initial stability, traditional dentures may start to feel like a temporary solution. At the Aesthetic Associates Centre, we believe that innovation is key to delivering effective and comfortable solutions. The Fix-on-Six dental implant technique, patented by Dr. Todd Shatkin, stands at the forefront of this innovation. This method offers a reliable and advanced alternative for those seeking denture stabilization. Our practice specializes in this cutting-edge technique, ensuring our patients receive the best care possible.

Fix-on-Six Explained

Fix-on-Six in Buffalo, NY | Mini Dental Implants | Implant Dentures

The Fix-on-Six® system incorporates 6 to 10 mini dental implants and a roundhouse dental bridge to restore a full arch of missing teeth. While conventional dentures rely on the mouth’s roof or jawbone ridge for support, Fix-on-six bridges are anchored to mini implants. The bridge connects securely to mini dental implants inserted in the jawbone, offering a long-lasting and secure solution for extensive tooth loss.

Mini implants are single-piece titanium posts with a screw on one end and a ball-shaped connector on the other. The bridge is securely fastened to the ball ends of the implants using rubber O-rings. The bridge remains firmly attached to the implants, only requiring removal during routine checkups for thorough cleaning and maintenance. This innovative design guarantees a secure fit and optimal functionality and facilitates easy maintenance and care.

Mini Dental Implants: Your Tooth Replacement Solution

Mini dental implants are the foundation of the Fix-on-Six® system. For those seeking denture stabilization, they offer a less invasive alternative than traditional dental implants. Mini implants are significantly smaller than traditional implants, making them suitable for patients with less bone density. Measuring less than 3 millimeters in diameter, they are approximately half the size of traditional implants. Despite their narrow design, they are just as effective as conventional implants for anchoring dental appliances like dentures.

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We can often place mini dental implants in just one visit, reducing the treatment time and recovery period compared to traditional implants. Their smaller size also means less impact on the jawbone, making the procedure more comfortable for patients. Patients benefit from a secure, comfortable, and long-lasting solution for their denture needs by opting for mini dental implants and the Fix-on-Six procedure.

Ditching Traditional Dentures for Fix-on-Six

If you have loose dentures, implant dentures like Fix-on-Six are a remarkable solution. This option improves upon the limitations of traditional dentures, offering a blend of comfort, stability, and natural appearance that many patients find transformative. Unlike conventional dentures, which can slip or cause discomfort due to poor fit, implant dentures anchor directly to the jawbone. This secure connection prevents the dentures from moving during speech or eating and promotes a more natural jaw movement, enhancing the overall eating experience.

Another advantage is that this direct attachment to the bone preserves your jaw health, preventing bone deterioration that begins when a tooth is lost. Traditional dentures can’t stimulate your jawbone the way that dental implants can. As a result, many long-time denture wearers experience changes to their facial structure.

The Benefits of Fix-on-Six

Choosing implant dentures provides many benefits, like a stronger bite and long-term jaw health. When you opt for Fix-on-Six® mini dental implants, you can look forward to additional benefits:

  • Efficient procedure: Due to the narrow design of mini implants, most patients can bypass the need for bone grafting. This accelerates the entire process, significantly reducing the overall timeline of the procedure by months.
  • Quick results: The Shatkin F.I.R.S.T laboratory plays a pivotal role in enhancing the convenience and efficiency of tooth replacement procedures. By crafting your roundhouse bridge in-house, we significantly streamline the restoration process. This means that we provide much quicker results for our patients.
  • Swift recovery: The minimally invasive nature of mini implant placement translates to less discomfort. Patients experience a quick recovery, with many individuals resuming their regular routines within 48 hours.
  • Cost-effective: Mini implants also present a more budget-friendly alternative to their traditional counterparts. Their reduced size, fewer office visits, and more straightforward procedure generally cut costs in half.
  • Durability: Your bridge, made from high-quality dental zirconia, is exceptionally strong. This material, along with the titanium implants, means your restoration is built to last. With proper care, this solution is designed to last a lifetime.
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Talk to Us About Fix-on-Six Today

To learn more about this innovative system engineered and perfected by Dr. Todd Shatkin, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. At our practice, we take pride in constantly striving to offer the finest solutions for our patients. Our efforts are focused on innovating new approaches to deliver optimal results. If you want to experience unmatched denture stability, the Fix-on-Six® may be right for you.

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