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Dental Implants in Buffalo, NY | Mini Implants | Free Consultations

Finding the right dentist is essential when you’re considering dental implants in Buffalo. A skilled and experienced dentist does more than merely perform a procedure. They ensure that your smile is beautifully and effectively restored, which can significantly enhance your confidence and quality of life. Ultimately, choosing the right dentist is the key to receiving personalized care and expertise for your smile restoration.

The tooth replacement landscape is significantly shifting thanks to the rise of mini dental implants. At the Aesthetic Associates Centre, we stand at the forefront of dental innovation. Led by Dr. Todd Shatkin, a pioneer in mini dental implant technology and techniques, we specialize in offering cutting-edge solutions to our patients.

Aesthetic Associates Centre: Your Destination for Mini Dental Implants in Buffalo

Dental Implants in Buffalo, NY | Mini Implants | Free Consultations

Mini dental implants are an innovative tooth replacement technique. At the Aesthetic Associates Centre, we specialize in using mini dental implants to help our patients experience the best possible results.

Dr. Todd Shatkin is the inventor of a patented mini implant placement technique. He has seen firsthand the remarkable effects of these implants throughout his 35-year career.

Dr. Shatkin is a nationally acclaimed expert in mini implant solutions, attracting patients nationwide who are struggling with tooth loss. Beyond his general dentistry practice, he oversees the Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® laboratory, where our patients’ prostheses are crafted. Having a state-of-the-art dental laboratory on-site ensures access to high-quality restorations without long wait times.

If you are looking for efficient, effective, and affordable tooth replacement performed by master dentists, we invite you to schedule a free consultation at our practice.

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What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are similar to traditional dental implants in their function. They are both artificial tooth roots that support a prosthetic. However, mini dental implants are much smaller, measuring less than 3 millimeters in diameter. That’s half the size of their traditional counterparts. Also, while traditional implants have multiple components, mini dental implants are a single post. Their unique design streamlines the placement process, offering faster results with less risk of hardware issues.

Despite their size, mini dental implants offer remarkable versatility in addressing various dental concerns. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with narrow or weak jawbones. If you’ve ever been told that you are ineligible for dental implants because of the condition of your jawbone, mini implants may be right for you.

Some of the ways mini implants can be used include:

  • Single tooth replacement: Mini implants offer secure support for a single crown, effectively replacing a missing tooth.
  • Multiple tooth replacement: If you are missing multiple teeth and are looking for an alternative to partial dentures, implant-supported dental bridges can restore your smile. These bridges replace multiple missing teeth in a row without putting pressure on the healthy teeth remaining.
  • Denture stabilization: Mini implants can anchor full-arch dental prosthetics like dentures. The implants provide reliable support, ensuring your dentures remain secure throughout the day. If your loose dentures are impacting your quality of life or you are looking for an alternative to traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures are an excellent choice.

At your free consultation, we will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and jaw. This includes a complimentary 3D CBCT scan. We will then discuss your expectations and determine the number of mini implants needed to achieve your dental goals. Once your personalized treatment plan is finalized, we can place your new implants.

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The Benefits of Choosing Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants offer many benefits. Their smaller size facilitates a more efficient procedure. Larger two-piece traditional implants typically require bone grafting to accommodate the screw. This extends the procedure as the jawbone requires months of healing time. Generally, conventional dental implants take six months to a year to complete. Thanks to their slender form, mini implants do not require a significant amount of jawbone and often bypass the need for bone grafting.

Many patients seeking tooth replacement have likely experienced some level of bone loss. This happens because your teeth’s roots are crucial for keeping your jawbone healthy. Regular biting and chewing stimulate the bone. But when a tooth is missing, this stimulation ceases, leading to bone loss. Since mini implants function as the root of the missing tooth, they provide the needed stimulation to keep the bone healthy and improve your bite strength. Because mini implants do not require as much space in the jawbone, they can help many more patients experience better oral health.

Don’t Wait to Replace Your Missing Teeth

If you wait to replace your missing teeth, it can become more than a cosmetic concern. Tooth loss paves the way for subsequent oral health issues if left untreated. It heightens the risk of gum disease and bacterial infections and causes the remaining teeth to shift. When there’s a gap in your smile, adjacent teeth tend to move toward the open space, leading to potential crowding, misalignment, and discomfort.

Fortunately, mini dental implants involve a gentle, minimally invasive procedure without incisions or extensive surgery. This quick process means you leave with fully functional teeth in just one visit, ensuring reduced discomfort and faster healing.

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Looking for Dental Implants in Buffalo? Schedule a Free Consultation!

With 35 years of experience and thousands of success stories, Dr. Shatkin is Buffalo’s top cosmetic and implant dentist, specializing in mini dental implants. If you are ready to replace your missing teeth, dental implants could be the key to regaining your confidence and the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Exploring your dental implant options in Buffalo? Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation. We are eager to tell you more about this life-changing treatment.

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