Fix on Six Dental Implants

Fix on Six Dental Implants in Buffalo Free Consultation Dr. Todd Shatkin

Fix on Six Dental Implants

Though the name may sound technically confusing, the idea behind a Fix on Six is the same as dental implants. Before understanding what a Fix on Six is, you must understand what a dental implant is. Dental implants are used for people who have significant tooth decay or tooth loss in one area of their mouth. These handle a single tooth with an issue. Essentially, a screw is inserted into the jawbone to secure false teeth into place. Think of them almost as permanent dentures. As mentioned before, a Fix on Six is a branded version of a dental implant that allows for multiple teeth to be implanted at once instead of worrying about individual teeth. Fix on Six can be confusing, below we’ve compiled information you may want to know about the process itself.

What is Fix on Six?

As mentioned above, Fix on Six is similar to dental implants, only they differ in that they can replace multiple teeth in a single row instead of using separate implants for each.

Compared to other implant techniques, the one for Fix on Six is unique. Instead of using basic technology, this technique uses computer generated designing to create a bridge from zirconia. Zirconia is the strongest and most durable dental material available.

This means that you’ll never have to worry about an accidental breakage. Your Fix on Six should last you a lifetime. In addition to the zirconia used, a special plastic manufactured by Zirkonzahn is used as the top bridge pieces that imitate the look of natural teeth. When both materials are combined, you achieve the sturdiest and most effective treatment plan for dental implants.

What is the Procedure For Fix on Six?

The procedure for a Fix on Six procedure is nearly identical to that of a mini dental implant.

The first step of the procedure would be to insert the implants themselves. These are the portions that get inserted into the jawbone. Since Fix on Six utilizes mini implants, the insertion is simple. Your dentist will make a small incision in the gums where the implant will be situated.

Then, the whole implant will be inserted into the jawbone, allowing the ball end to stick upwards. This process will repeat for between six and ten teeth, depending on how many you need covered with the bridge.

You must then wait for your implants to heal. After the healing process is complete, you’ll then be called in to place the lab-crafted zirconia or resin bridge over the implants. Once the fit is confirmed, it will be inserted and cemented so that the bridge will not fall out during regular use. It’s that simple – your Fix on Six is now complete.

Aftercare Measures

You should always remember to care for your Fix on Six implants as if they were traditional dental implants and teeth. This means you should be brushing your teeth normally, twice a day every day. Additionally, using a water pick could help get into difficult areas of the teeth and clean them.

A water pick is essentially a thin stream of water that gently pushes bacteria and other matter out from crevices in the teeth and mouth. As long as you care for your implants properly, you’ll never have to worry about this aspect of your oral health.

Learn More Today

If, after reading this, you still have questions about Fix on Six, Todd Shatkin DDS can help. As an experienced dentist with years of experience, he can surely answer every question you may have. We offer free consultations, so be sure to set up an appointment with us to go over everything about Fix on Six. Instead of having imperfect teeth, live life with a newly renovated smile starting today!

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