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Gaps between teeth, misalignment, stubborn stains, crookedness, and broken teeth – five problems, one solution: dental veneers! 

Dental veneers are a type of cosmetic dental treatment that use thin, tooth-colored shells for improving the overall look of your smile. These custom-made shells are made of porcelain or some other composite materials and are permanently glued to the front of your teeth. 

At Aesthetic Associates Center, you may get either partial or full veneers for a quick fix for restoring broken or chipped teeth, straightening frail teeth, and for making your smile flawless again.  

Before you decide whether dental veneers are the best bet for you, you should know a few things about them. 

Treat One or Multiple Teeth – Your Choice!

People are often under the impression that veneers are solid plastic pieces that cover ALL the upper and lower teeth.  

Let’s assure you that it’s far from the truth! 

Based on your specific needs and requirements, you may get them either for correcting a single tooth or for treating multiple teeth. Moreover, each veneer is a separate porcelain or composite piece that’s specifically designed to match your teeth shape.  

There’s a Temporary Version of Dental Veneers!

At Aesthetic Associates Center, before you make up your mind to get permanent veneers, you get a choice of wearing a temporary version for a week or two. This serves as a great opportunity for you to ensure that you’re happy with the change you’re going to embrace. 

After a couple of weeks, Dr. Todd Shatkin will ask about your experience. You may convey any concerns you have or tell them if you didn’t like anything about it and they may make possible changes accordingly.   

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Requires Multiple Sessions 

Dental veneers aren’t a one-session thing. You’ll have to go in for at least two sessions or more if you get a temporary version first.  

Typically, Dr. Todd will discuss the procedure details before drilling a small amount of enamel off the front of each tooth that needs to be treated during the first appointment. This will be followed by the making of molds. 

 In the last session lasting for several hours, the dentist will fit the veneers to your teeth and bond them in place.   

May Improve the Look of Your Face

Did you know that getting veneers can actually help improve your facial structure? 

 The placement of dental veneers on the side teeth may make your face look fuller and your smile so much brighter.  

Worn down teeth tend to create folds near the mouth corners and sides of the nose. When veneers are fitted, they may lengthen your front teeth and support the back ones to help you get rid of facial folds and wrinkles.  

They Are Natural-looking and Can Last for Decades

 Dental veneers look completely natural in your mouth, given that your dentist is experienced and knows how to match them with your teeth shape, existing teeth, and skin tone.  

Todd Shatkin DDS has been offering custom-tailored dental veneer services for over 30 years, promising to transform all kinds of smiles! Most veneers can last up to 10-15 years when you take good care of them. Hence, you’ll have to get them replaced only once or twice in your lifetime! 

Convinced that dental veneers may be a cosmetic dental treatment worth trying? What are you waiting for then? 

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