iSmile: A Convenient At-Home Teeth Whitening Solution

At-Home Teeth Whitening in Buffalo, NY | Free Consultation | iSmile

In today’s world, a bright and confident smile is more important than ever. That’s why so many people prioritize the journey toward achieving a brighter smile. While the market is flooded with over-the-counter teeth whitening options, ranging from toothpaste to whitening strips and pens, these solutions often offer promises they can’t keep. That’s precisely where iSmile stands apart. This isn’t just another at-home teeth whitening product; it’s a professionally curated experience designed to bring the effectiveness of professional teeth bleaching into the comfort and privacy of your home.

The iSmile teeth whitening take-home kit is exclusively available at the Aesthetic Associates Centre’s iSmile Spas.

Why Over-the-Counter Just Doesn’t Cut It  At-Home Teeth Whitening in Buffalo, NY | Free Consultation | iSmile

The allure of over-the-counter teeth whitening products is undeniable. They’re readily available and promise a brighter smile without a visit to the dentist. However, the reality often falls short of these promises, leaving many to wonder why their pursuits for whiter teeth haven’t been fulfilled.

First and foremost, the effectiveness of over-the-counter products is limited by their active ingredients. These products often contain whitening agents like sodium bicarbonate or much lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide than their professional counterparts. This means they are less effective at penetrating the tooth enamel to remove deep, stubborn stains. Instead, they only address minor surface stains. This often results in minimal whitening that is not very noticeable or long-lasting.

Additionally, the one-size-fits-all nature of over-the-counter whitening strips and pens can lead to inconsistent and uneven results. Without customization, these products may not fit perfectly against every tooth, causing some areas to whiten more than others. This can leave you with a patchy, less-than-ideal outcome that doesn’t meet your expectations.

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Our Hybrid Approach: Teeth Whitening Designed With Your Smile in Mind

At the Aesthetic Associates Centre, we offer hybrid solutions with the option to kickstart your whitening treatment with our in-office services. This option sets the stage for more effective and lasting results. Incorporating an in-office treatment as the first step in your whitening journey with iSmile jump-starts the process and amplifies the benefits. When you opt for in-office whitening, you’ll receive a free take-home whitening kit to maintain your results at home. This combination approach is far more effective than traditional at-home or over-the-counter options.

The at-home treatment includes a mouthpiece that can be connected to a power bank or your phone. Simply apply the whitening gel to your teeth and insert the LED mouthpiece into your mouth. To achieve brighter teeth, use the tray for two 8-minute sessions each day for optimal results. You’ll quickly begin to see noticeably whiter teeth.

For any touch-ups, remember to bring your mouthpiece to your cleaning. This way, we can provide you with an in-office treatment for an extra brightness boost!

Unlike store-bought products, professional teeth whitening services like iSmile offer professional oversight that begins with a thorough examination. We ensure your whitening treatment is safe, effective, and tailored to your needs. This level of care and customization cannot be matched by other treatments, making them a less desirable option for those truly committed to achieving and maintaining a brighter smile.

The Benefits of Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening

The iSmile solution by Aesthetic Associates Centre redefines the at-home teeth whitening experience by marrying professional-grade effectiveness with unparalleled convenience. Here’s what sets our at-home treatments apart:

  • Convenience: iSmile harnesses the power of professional whitening treatments with a method that’s easy and comfortable to use at home. Our state-of-the-art trays and professional-grade whitening gel ensure a perfect blend of efficacy and comfort.
  • Personalization: Thanks to our hybrid in-office and take-home solutions, treatments are customizable. For your whitening treatment, we will work with you to create a plan that aligns with your dental history and aesthetic aspirations.
  • Efficiency: Since iSmile can be kickstarted with an in-office treatment, those looking for a significant whitening boost can expect quicker results. This preliminary step ensures a dramatic improvement, laying the groundwork for your continued at-home care.
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Most importantly, with iSmile, you don’t have to choose between quality and convenience. The system allows you to apply treatment at your leisure from the comfort of your home. To simplify things, iSmile kits can be conveniently purchased online and delivered to your doorstep.

Whether you choose in-office or at-home whitening (or both!), our team is always ready to address any questions or provide guidance, ensuring a smooth and effective treatment progression.

Brighten Your Smile with iSmile Teeth Whitening

At Aesthetic Associates Centre, we believe everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of. The iSmile system revolutionizes teeth whitening by merging expert dental care with the unparalleled convenience of at-home treatment. iSmile isn’t just about achieving whiter teeth; it’s about providing a professional, personalized whitening experience that fits into your life.

It’s time to move beyond the limitations of over-the-counter products and embrace a solution that’s as unique as your smile. Contact us today to learn more about our professional teeth whitening solutions.

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