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Are you struggling with missing teeth or loose dentures? Can’t eat the foods you love due to pain and discomfort? If so, Shatkin mini dental implants are the permanent solution to replacing your missing teeth and securing your loose or ill-fitting dentures in at little as one visit. Mini dental implants will help improve your self-confidence and enhance your ability to eat the foods you love. You can be you again with Shatkin mini dental implants.

What Are Shatkin Mini Dental Implants?

Dr. Todd E. Shatkin has revolutionized implant dentistry with his patented F.I.R.S.T.® Technique (Fabricated Implant Restoration and Surgical Technique), which he has taught to over 25,000 dentists throughout the United States. Unlike traditional dental implants, which are much wider and more invasive, Shatkin mini dental implants do not require cutting of the gums and very rarely require bone grafting.

Since they are a smaller diameter than traditional dental implants, they can be connected to a crown or denture immediately rather than having to wait up to 6 months after completing a traditional implant surgery. The entire procedure is also much less invasive and can be done in a non-surgical manner by making a tiny pinhole incision in the gum and threading the implants directly into the bone.

Shatkin mini dental implants are self-threading and self-tapping, so they fuse to the bone immediately to provide a permanent solution to missing teeth and loose dentures.

Utilizing Shatkin mini dental implants for denture stabilization prevents your denture from sliding on the gums and also preserves your existing bone structure, preventing further deterioration over time which is a result of missing teeth or gaps.

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Now, when your denture rests over your mini dental implants, they “snap-on” the o-ring housing, creating a secure and strong bite that won’t shift or move and can help patients eat, smile, and speak with renewed confidence. No longer do you have to worry about your denture slipping or falling out. You can now speak, eat, and smile with confidence.

The non-invasive manner in which mini dental implants can be placed means that even patients who were previously turned down for conventional dental implants are often good candidates for mini dental implants. This is because much less bone is required, and our mini dental implants can be angled easily to find the available bone.

That said, a good candidate for mini dental implants still needs to have some bone with average or better density. Fortunately, only about 1-2% of the population has low bone density, meaning 98-99% of the population has the potential to be good candidates for Shatkin mini dental implants.

If you were told by another doctor that you wouldn’t be a good candidate for dental implants, or may require bone grafting prior to surgery, we encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation and second opinion. Many of our patients were previously told the same, and are now enjoying a new lease on life with mini dental implants by Dr. Todd E. Shatkin.

With Shatkin mini dental implants, a patient can have the procedure performed in about an hour, go home to eat dinner normally, and wake up the next morning with virtually no discomfort.

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Since the entire procedure is less invasive and can be done in as little as one office visit, this greatly reduces the cost compared to conventional implants, which often require multiple visits, healing time, and additional procedures. As a result, the entire procedure is often 30-50% less costly than conventional dental implant treatment. That said, we also offer a wide variety of dental financing options to help make this life-changing procedure affordable on any budget.

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Over the past 33 years, Dr. Todd E. Shatkin has placed over 45,000 mini dental implants, utilizing his revolutionary technique for denture stabilization, single tooth replacements, multiple tooth replacements, and full arch reconstructions, with a success rate exceeding 95%. Experience matters. With over 500 5-star reviews from patients just like you, you can rest assured that Dr. Shatkin will put his 33 years of experience to work for you.

If you or someone you love is considering dental implants or were turned down for dental implants in the past because your doctor said you didn’t have enough bone, contact us today. Dr. Todd Shatkin is recognized worldwide as a leader in implantology and has helped countless patients live happier, healthier, and more confident lives with the help of Shatkin mini dental implants. Schedule your free consultation today, and let us help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Traveling from out of town? We also recently opened an office on the west coast to help provide the same quality of service and mini dental implants in Scottsdale, Arizona. Contact us at either office to arrange your complimentary consultation and customized treatment plan.

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