Our New iSmile Teeth Whitening Spa

iSmile Spa | 1 Hour Teeth Whitening in Buffalo, NY | Dr. Todd Shatkin DDS

Many individuals are not happy with the current color of their teeth. There are many options for teeth whitening and Dr.Shatkin is excited to introduce our new iSmile Spa that we’re going to have right here in our brand new facility at the Aesthetic Associates Centre, adjacent to our dental office. We created the iSmile Spa to make it fun and convenient to achieve the smile of your dreams in about an hour. You can come in without being an official patient of record, have your teeth examined and whitened in one short visit, and you’ll go home with great whitening products to keep your teeth white.

The iSmile professional teeth whitening system includes a take home option as well as an in-office treatment. It was created by Dr. Todd Shatkin with convenience in mind, and the whitening light that is used can easily plug into a power bank or your cell phone. You can use it anywhere! The results are fantastic, the patients love it, and we have zero post-op sensitivity due to our special formula that prevents zingers. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the iSmile teeth whitening system, developed by Dr. Todd Shatkin.

If you are interested in coming into our brand new iSmile Spa to achieve the whiter smile you’ve always wanted, please feel free to give us a call today at (716) 839-1700 and leave with a smile on your face!

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