Mini Implants by Dr. Todd Shatkin

Mini Implants by Dr. Todd Shatkin | Dental Implant Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Mini Implants by Dr. Todd Shatkin

Todd Shatkin DDS has been providing mini implants for patients for over 30 years. If you or a loved one is missing a tooth or multiple teeth, schedule a free consultation today to learn about the benefits of mini implants.

Mini Implants by Dr. Todd Shatkin | Dental Implant Dentist in Buffalo, NYWhen you have missing or decayed teeth, it can mess with your self-appreciation and cause esteem issues. It’s important to recognize that there is no reason to harp in the damage, but focus on the potential fixes. Some people may not be eligible to receive traditional implants, which can cause stress for that individual.

Thankfully, there are alternatives. Mini dental implants are the perfect option for those who are fearful or cannot sustain invasive surgery, and they’re great when there is not enough dense bone mass to fully support a traditional dental implant. Remember, if you can’t get a traditional implant, mini implants may be an excellent choice for you to fill in the gap of a missing tooth.

Dental Implants

Before knowing what a mini dental implant is, you must understand the concept behind a traditional dental implant. Dental implants take the place of a missing or decaying tooth. The root of the tooth must be removed, and an abutment, or metal screw-like piece, is inserted into the jawbone. After this piece heals and fully incorporates itself within the jawbone, a metal post is inserted so it sticks slightly above the gumline.

Following this, a custom crafted artificial tooth is attached to the post. After the entirety of the treatment, you cannot tell that the false tooth is a dental implant, as they are perfectly matched to your surrounding teeth. Dental implants are often preferred to dentures, as they are permanent, more stable, and easy to care for.

Mini Dental Implants

Unfortunately, some people may not qualify or feel comfortable going through a dental implant procedure. If this sounds like you, there may be the option to receive a mini dental implant. Mini implants are essentially structured in the same way as a traditional dental implant is, but as the name suggests, they are “mini” or smaller.

These mini implants still have a screw-like end that is affixed into the bone, but the post piece added in the traditional implant is fixed to the screw end. This means instead of two separate sections, one single “screw” is inserted. This, in addition to the small size of the inserted piece, makes it easier for the body to adjust and heal around the implant. Again, mini implants are great for mouths that cannot support a larger foreign structure inserted into the jawbone.

Caring for Mini Implants

Because mini implants are essentially the same as a traditional implant, the aftercare is identical. They also require the same care as a normal and natural tooth would, so there is no separate routine to follow. After implantation, be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once per day. Immediately after the procedure, use a softer bristled toothbrush to ease nay irritation that may be apparent.

Additionally, switching to a fluoride-based toothpaste can encourage bone growth and tooth stability. As long as you care for your mini dental implant in nearly the same way that you’d keep your normal or natural teeth clean, you should have no worries with the healing and overall future strength of mini implants.

Experience The Benefits of Mini Implants Today!

Losing a permanent tooth can be a scary and self-conscious forming happening. We understand that. Thankfully, we have the cure for you. Mini dental implants are perfect for people with a lack of bone strength under the gums, as well as those fearful of procedures. The idea of mini implants can be confusing, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to Todd Shatkin DDS.

With over 30 years of experience in the dental field, you can feel safe knowing his experience can help you feel better in your own life. Call us to schedule a free dental consultation today and determine if you’re a candidate for mini dental implants!

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