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Tooth Removal

Tooth removal, also called tooth extraction, is a common cosmetic and functional dental procedure in the United States. While permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime of wear and tear, this may not be the applicable conditions for you. If your teeth are loose, decaying, badly damaged, or harmed from trauma or impact, you may require a tooth removal. This will ultimately allow the rest of your teeth to function properly and avoid damage of the surrounding oral area. The idea of a tooth extraction may be nerve wracking, but the process is simple. To become more comfortable with the procedure, we’ve compiled information about what you need to know before you consider getting a tooth removed.

Reasons for Tooth Removal

Every mouth is different. This means that different circumstances can occur that require a tooth to be removed.

One of the most common reason that someone may need a tooth extraction is tooth infection. Often caused by tooth decay, the pulp that contains nerves inside the tooth can become damaged if bacteria manage to enter it through tooth breakage or cavities. Infections can spread throughout the mouth, so if the condition can’t be contained with medications it’s recommended to have the tooth removed.

A second reason that someone may require a tooth removal is if they have a crowded mouth. A crowded mouth means that there are too many teeth to properly align inside the mouth. In order to make more space in the mouth and allow for straightened teeth, a extraction may be necessary.

A third and final common reason that a tooth extraction could be recommended is significant traumatic damage. The teeth are a strong, yet sensitive part of the body. They are susceptible to damage if not cared for properly. If you avoid use of a mouth guard while playing sports, or if you get into a freak accident, your teeth could be in harm’s way. If they get damaged from impact, a tooth may not be salvageable and thus require removal. Ultimately, there are various reasons that someone may require to have their tooth removed.

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Tooth Extraction Process

Tooth removal may seem scarier than necessary. The process is truly simple, and you’ll be back to yourself in no time. Recovery time is short if you take care of your wound as well.

To begin, the first thing your dentist will provide to you is a local anesthetic shot. This numbs the area of the tooth being worked on, so you won’t feel any pain.

Next, after the anesthetic kicks in, the dentist may cut away small portions of the gum and tissue to expose more of the tooth. Following, forceps will be used to wiggle the tooth and loosen tight ligaments and bone muscle that surrounds the tooth. This makes it easier for removal.

This process is continued until the tooth is effectively pulled out of the socket. During recovery, a blood clot will form in the socket which protects the bone underneath. As long as this blood clot stays in place, you should recover within the next few days. Be sure to take painkillers as prescribed, apply ice to keep swelling down, change your gauze as directed, and limit activity for two days.

Discuss Your Options Today

If you’ve suffered any of the discussed reasons for a tooth removal, you may qualify for a extraction. For more information, Todd Shatkin DDS can help. He offers a free consultation for new patients, and during this appointment we can identify whether you’re a candidate for tooth removal or not. Instead of living in uncomfortably every day with a damaged tooth, discuss the options for its removal today.

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