Dental Implant Options in Buffalo, NY

Dental Implant Options Available in Buffalo, NY Dr. Todd Shatkin DDS

Learn About Dental Implant Options in Buffalo, NY

Are you considering dental implants and want to learn about what dental implant options are available for you in Buffalo? With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Todd Shatkin has placed over 35,000 dental implants for patients looking to replace missing teeth, enhance their smile and restore their function. Dental implants provide a natural and permanent solution to tooth loss while helping to maintain your jaw structure and natural smile.

Dental Implant Options Available in Buffalo, NY Dr. Todd Shatkin DDSWhether you are looking to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or are looking for a full mouth restoration, the Aesthetic Associates Centre in Amherst has you covered with affordable options that fit any budget. The first step to learn about our dental implant options is to schedule a free consultation with an experienced dental implant dentist at our office. At this appointment, you will undergo x-rays or 3D imaging that allow our implant dentists to evaluate your jaw health and the ability to maintain a stable implant. Once we have discussed your dental implant options and you approve the treatment plan, surgery will be scheduled, and they will discuss anesthesia with you. If necessary, we will remove a broken or damaged teeth in preparation for your new dental implants.

Unlike dentures and bridges that must be replaced every few years, dental implants offer a more permanent solution. In addition, the fusion of the implants with the bone help you maintain your natural bone structure, keeping your smile relatively close to what it was before tooth loss.

While most patients are aware of traditional dental implants, Dr. Todd Shatkin has developed and patented his own mini dental implants and the implant procedure we use. In fact, he has trained thousands of dentists from around the world on his patented technique and is a leading world expert on mini dental implants as recognized by the international academy of mini dental implants and international congress of oral implantologists. Experience matters when you are trying to find the best dental implant dentist, and with a success rate of 98% and over 30 years of experience, Dr. Todd Shatkin has the experience you need for successful dental implant treatment.

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The dental implant options we offer include traditional dental implants and mini dental implants. The big difference between traditional dental implants and mini dental implants is that mini dental implants have only two parts rather than three parts. In a mini dental implant, the post is attached to the screw. This structure allows single-stage implantation where the screw is secured to the bone and the tooth or dental appliance is immediately mounted. They are also smaller and less invasive than traditional dental implants and work well for small teeth, small gaps, and narrow jaws, a smaller diameter might make a huge difference in the fit and ease of implantation.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implant options provide many benefits compared to dentures and conventional crowns.

-Conventional crowns require enough tooth to create a secure bond. Moreover, the tooth must be strong enough to hold the crown without cracking and the root must be solid enough to support the crown and remaining tooth. By removing the tooth and replacing it with a mini implant, the screw and post replace the root and remaining tooth with a non-allergenic metal like titanium. This titanium implant is much stronger than tooth and holds the crown much more securely in the jaw.

-Dentures without implants can fit poorly or loosely. Improperly fitted dentures can cause many problems such as speech impediments, mouth sores, and inflamed gums. In serious cases, loose dentures can even lead to gum infections. Anchoring dentures with mini dental implants provides teeth that are secure.

-Even when they fit properly, patients with dental appliances often chew cautiously to prevent the bridge or denture from slipping. Moreover, sticky, hard, or fibrous foods can be excluded from the wearer’s diet to avoid destabilizing dentures. When dentures are secured with implants, they function like natural teeth allowing patient to chew like normal.

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-Likewise, crowns can become loose over time. This not only leads to chewing difficulties, but can allow bacteria to decay the tooth holding the crown. When the underlying tooth is removed and the crown is secured to an implant, the patient does not need to worry about the implant decaying. This is one big benefit of our dental implant options.

-Dentures can allow tissue and bone loss from lack of stimulation. This causes patients who wear dentures without implants to develop facial collapse where bone and tissue loss can lead to sunken features. However, implants provide pressure on the jaw bone that prevents bone and tissue loss.

-If crowns break, replacing them is much simpler with dental implants since the crown is usually cemented or screwed to the post. Consequently, replacing a crown is simply a matter of affixing the replacement crown to the post. By contrast, replacing a crown over a tooth root requires cleaning the tooth and fitting the crown to the tooth.

Schedule A Free Consultation To Learn More About Our Dental Implant Options

As a pioneer in both the technology and techniques used in mini dental implants, Dr. Todd Shatkin has the knowledge and experience with mini dental implants to help almost any patient who has experienced tooth loss. Whether you lost a single tooth or have experienced the loss of multiple teeth, Dr. Shatkin and Aesthetic Associates Centre can help you find a solution to the speech, chewing, and smile problems your tooth loss has caused. In doing so, our goal is to help you recover your health, social confidence, and quality of life.

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If you already have dentures, you may be able to use them with mini dental implant treatment. In many cases, your current dentures can be retrofitted to fit the implants and save on costs.

If you would like to learn more about our dental implant options and how they can help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve, contact the Aesthetic Associates Centre today to arrange a free consultation with Dr. Todd Shatkin. Proudly serving patients in Amherst, Williamsville, Clarence, Buffalo, Western New York, the United States and Internationally.

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