5 Reasons Dental Check Ups Are Important

5 Reasons Dental Check Ups Are Important | Todd Shatkin DDS | Buffalo

Be Sure To Schedule Routine Dental Check Ups!

How many dental check ups do you get in a year? If it’s less than two, you’re compromising on a lot! You may not realize it now but regular dental exams are important for your oral health and overall wellbeing. You should get your oral health checked at least once a year if you’re leading a busy lifestyle. In some cases, dentists may recommend even more. If it’s been a while since you last had your dental exam, here are 5 reasons why dental check ups are important and you should get one today!

Prevents Cavities and Dental Diseases

5 Reasons Dental Check Ups Are Important | Todd Shatkin DDS | BuffaloAlthough brushing and flossing every day and following good dental hygiene routine is imperative, you may still be at risk for developing cavities or gum disease.

This is because even the finest anti-bacterial mouthwash may not be enough to get rid of every bit of plaque and harmful bacteria. This is where importance of professional dental exam and cleaning, using modern tools and techniques come in!

Plaque build-up and bacteria infestation can erode your gums and enamel, leaving you vulnerable for gum disease and cavities. You may then require restorative treatment procedures, such as tooth fillings  and periodontal therapy to fix these problems.

Routine dental check ups and cleanings allow the dentist to spot any initial signs of a dental problem to reverse the adverse effects.

Preserves Oral and Physical Health

You may not know this but there’s a connection between your oral and physical health.

When tooth decay and gum disease aren’t identified and treated at the right time, they may not only cause cavities and tooth loss but also have a negative effect on your physical health.

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Poor oral health may increase blood pressure and cause diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Essentially, regular dental checkups can promote longevity. This is one of the 5 reasons why dental check ups are important

Dental Check Ups Are Important to Protects Your Smile

The enamel is naturally porous, which means that it can be negatively affected by the food you consume. Black tea, coffee, wine, and chocolate are particularly bad for your oral health. They can cause tooth discoloration over time.

During a dental exam, your dentist will perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth to brighten them and remove dental stains. Using fast-acting tools and techniques, they can remove even the most stubborn stains and spots!

Keeps You On Top of Any Oral Health Changes

Regular dental check ups are important to keep your dentist updated on possible changes happening in the state of your teeth, gums, and soft tissues of your mouth.

This makes it easy to detect any warning signs of a serious oral disorder in the early stages using x-rays and cancer screening technology. Early treatment means lesser side effects and lesser money spent on the treatment procedures.

Saves Money

It’s funny that many people avoid visiting a dentist to save money, failing to realize that it may just do the opposite for them if they end up developing dental disease. Dental treatment procedures can be expensive and so, spending little on regular dental checkups is a smarter option than to risk your oral health.

At Aesthetic Associates Center, Dr. Todd Shatkin DDS offers a FREE consultation and can provide regular dental checkups to help you maintain good oral health.

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He’ll guide you to choose the best treatment road If any problem is detected, ensuring a pleasant experience throughout!

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