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Dental Exams in Buffalo, NY

It is recommended by the American Dental Association, you should see your dentist regularly in order to help prevent and treat oral disease. Dental check-ups are important to ensure you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. What is a dental exam? Essentially, a dental exam is where your dentist will observe the condition of your mouth and recommend any steps that may be necessary to care for your teeth properly. Dental exams can help with early detection of issues, or they can confirm that you’re in good standings with your oral health. Regardless of whether you’re feeling any pain or discomfort or not, dental exams are important appointments to set.

Why a Dental Exam is Necessary?

Dental exams are necessary for many reasons, and the biggest reason of them all is maintaining your oral health. Your oral health is directly related to your bodily health, so if you remain clean and up to date, you’ll likely feel and be a healthier person.

Dental exams can help freshen up your mouth as well as indicate if you have any oral health issues brewing such as Periodontal disease or bone decay. The sooner you catch these issues, the faster and more effectively they can be fixed. Not only can a dentist’s visit indicate about your oral health, but your dentist may be able to predict if you have any health issues.

Such health issues including lupus, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis may first show signs in the mouth. Overall, dental exams are necessary to ensure your health, both oral and bodily, is up to date.

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When to Have a Dental Exam

The American Dental Association, abbreviated as the ADA, has strict recommendations for when a person should have a dental exam. Ultimately, they recommend that each person should schedule regular dental exams in coordination with what their dentist recommends, typically twice a year or every six months.

When you visit the dentist every six months, they are able to track your progress and identify any changes that may be occurring in your mouth.

The sooner issues are picked up on, the faster they can be fixed or prevented. Even if you no longer have teeth, it’s important to have regular dental visits, as it is still vital to maintain your oral cavity.

What to Expect During a Dental Check-Up

During a dental exam, there is a common set of procedures that you might expect. To begin, your dentist or dental hygienist will evaluate your oral health and ask you questions about any issues and discomfort that you may have or about medications you may be taking. They may also take x-rays to examine the bone structure of your mouth and jaw.

Next, they will proceed to clean your teeth and remove plaque and stains. Your dentist will check your bite, assess you for cavities, decay, or damage, and recommend any health processes to you to improve your current oral health. Often times, they’ll discuss any risk factors you may have including tooth decay, onset gum disease, or oral cancer, as well as preventative measures for future benefit.

Get a Dental Exam Today

If you haven’t been to the dentist in an extended period of time, you should consider getting a dental exam. Don’t have a dentist?  Dr. Todd Shatkin  can help. We understand that visiting the dentist can be nerve-wracking, but at our state-of-the-art facility, we’ll do everything we can to make you comfortable.

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Dental exams are important aspects of health, and they should not be avoided. For more information, contact or visit us today. We offer free consultations where we’ll meet each other and discuss how we can help you. Instead of living without proper oral care, visit Dr. Todd Shatkin today!

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