Managing Pregnancy Gingivitis

Managing Pregnancy Gingivitis Free Consultation Buffalo Dentist

Being pregnant is a tough job. Your body changes in many unexpected ways. Many women experience pregnancy gingivitis. If you believe you are suffering this, you should reach out to our Buffalo dentist right away. We can help you manage this condition to avoid worsening symptoms. Give our office a call right away so you can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Todd Shatkin.

What Causes Pregnancy Gingivitis?

Even if you are taking really good care of your teeth, being pregnant can put you at risk of gingivitis. Hormonal changes can cause you to have more sensitive gums that are quicker to bleed. With the increase of progesterone in your body especially into the second and third trimester, you are vulnerable to having gum issues.

If Pregnancy Gingivitis Goes Untreated

If you let your gingivitis go without treatment, you are at risk of worsening symptoms. Gingivitis can turn into full-blown periodontitis gum disease which can result in the loosening of your teeth. Teeth can eventually fall out if you do not receive any treatment.

We know that for women with severe and prolonged morning sickness, it can be very difficult to take care of their teeth at home. It can be challenging to brush and floss without triggering vomiting. It can be an uphill battle to keep up with your oral health.

Treatments for Pregnancy-Related Tooth Loss

If you have lost teeth or you are concerned that you are going to lose teeth because of your pregnancy, please know that we offer treatments to help fix your smile. We provide mini dental implants to give you snap-in dentures. This has been life-changing for women who are left feeling beaten down by pregnancy gingivitis and subsequent tooth loss.

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We have flexible financing for this treatment so that any mom on a budget can receive this treatment without worrying about breaking the bank.

Call Our Buffalo Dentist Today

When you suffer pregnancy gingivitis, please do not wait to reach out to our office. Our Buffalo dentist wants to help you manage your condition. If you have already lost teeth, we can help you get your smile back with implant treatments. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation.

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