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Replace Teeth With Mini Dental Implants in One Visit Dr. Todd Shatkin

When you lose your teeth, you are likely searching for solutions to replace teeth. Our Buffalo dentist replaces teeth on a daily basis. You do not have to live with the constant worry that someone is going to remark on your smile. You can start to envision a future where you do not have to limit the foods you can eat.

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Why Teeth Need Replacing

One reason why you may need to replace teeth is because of trauma to the mouth. People who do contact sports might get their teeth knocked out. If someone gets into an accident and their mouth gets hit, they may lose teeth.

In an event of a tooth getting knocked out by force, if you get to a dentist soon enough, you may be able to reposition the tooth. If not, you will be looking into replacement options.

Another reason why you might need your teeth replaced is because of dental issues. Cavities that are left untreated can worsen to the point of falling out. Gingivitis gone untreated can result in teeth falling out. Hormonal changes in pregnancy can also cause tooth loss.

Options to Replace Teeth

You do have several options to replace your teeth. Our Buffalo dentist specializes in mini dental implants which are great for replacing smaller teeth. They are also used to create snap-in dentures.

We can also look into getting traditional dental implants if you are missing a larger tooth. These have the benefits that mini implants replicate. You will have a secure replacement with either treatment.

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We provide fixed bridges and dentures if you have several or complete tooth loss. It is important that you know you have options. We can explore which option is best for you during a free consultation.

Flexible Financing Plans

If you want to receive any of these treatments but you are worried about the cost, you can explore the option of utilizing our flexible financing plans. We accept several types of lenders for your dental treatment. Each has its benefits.

We know that not everyone is going to be able to pay for these treatments in one lump sum. We want to still be able to see patients who are on a budget. A lot of people do not have dental insurance, and if they do, insurance plans might not cover these treatments.

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