Snap-In Dentures in Buffalo, NY

Snap-In Dentures Implant Retained Dentures Dr. Todd Shatkin DDS

If you or someone you love has lost their natural teeth, it can be devastating and embarrassing. Losing your teeth can take a toll on your self-confidence, self-esteem, nutrition and overall quality of life. For many, the traditional options for replacing a full set of teeth have been dentures or implants. Both options come with advantages and disadvantages, but a new technique, mini dental implants, combines the benefits of both and offers a great alternative to teeth replacement, often referred to as snap-in dentures. Snap-In Dentures provides the best of both worlds and allows you the stability of dental implants with the ease of dentures that fit perfectly and comfortably stay in place while eating, talking, and going about your normal daily activities.

Snap-In Dentures Implant Retained Dentures Dr. Todd Shatkin DDS

Dentures without implants can fit poorly or loosely. Improperly fitted dentures can cause many problems such as speech impediments, mouth sores, and inflamed gums. In serious cases, loose dentures can even lead to gum infections. Anchoring dentures with mini dental implants provides teeth that are secure.

The surgery needed for mini dental implants is far less invasive than the surgery for conventional dental implants. This difference is due in part to the size of the implant, which results in a larger incision and a larger drilled hole. The difference in invasiveness is also due to the greater number of visits required for conventional dental implants. In many cases, we can perform your snap-in dentures procedure in a single day and have you walk out of our office with new teeth later that day.

Mini dental implants are usually less expensive than conventional implants because they require less time, fewer visits and are easier to implant. Moreover, mini implants do not require bone grafts, which contributes to the higher cost of conventional dental implants. Generally speaking, mini implants may cost around half as much as conventional implants, although every case will vary based on the amount of work needed. Since mini dental implants are the foundation of our snap-in dentures, we are able to pass those savings onto you, the patient.

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Dr. Shatkin of the Aesthetic Associates Centre invented the mini dental implants we use in our snap-in dentures. Dr. Shatkin has also trained over 5,000 dental professionals on technique for implanting his patented mini dental implants. Dr Shatkin has placed over 15,000 mini dental implants with a success rate of 98%.

As a pioneer in both the technology and techniques used in snap-in dentures and mini dental implants, Dr. Todd Shatkin has the knowledge and experience with to help almost any patient who has experienced tooth loss. Whether you lost a single tooth or have experienced the loss of multiple teeth, Dr. Shatkin and Aesthetic Associates Centre can help you find a solution to the speech, chewing, and smile problems your tooth loss has caused. In doing so, our goal is to help you recover your health, social confidence, and quality of life.

If you already have dentures, you may be able to use them with snap-in dentures by utilizing our mini dental implants. In many cases, your current dentures can be retrofitted to fit the implants and save on costs.

If you would like more information on how mini dental implants can help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve, contact the Aesthetic Associates Centre today to arrange a free consultation with Dr. Todd Shatkin. Proudly serving patients in Amherst, Williamsville, Clarence, Buffalo, Western New York, the United States and Internationally.

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