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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Buffalo, NY

Having a problem with a tooth is a very stressful business. But that’s not always the only thing to deal with. There are times that there is the all-important need to reconstruct and replace an entire set of teeth. That’s where full mouth reconstruction comes in. This article provides you with engaging subtopics surrounding full mouth rebuilding, what full mouth rebuilding means, when should full mouth repair be considered, ideal candidates for full mouth rebuilding, and the procedures involved in a full mouth rebuilding.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction (FMR)?

A full mouth reconstruction ordinarily includes a general and a cosmetic dentist who performs various procedures in a patient’s mouth to make them look immaculate appearance-wise and make them usually work too. Full mouth rebuilding is basically a series of procedures directed to helping a patient’s teeth typically function. Through full mouth rebuilding, the entire teeth in a patient’s mouth are rebuilt and replaced.

In cases where someone loses all or most of their teeth because of injury, tooth decay, bad jaw positioning, the best bet to fixing all of the problems with a cover-all solution is full mouth reconstruction.

While full mouth rebuilding may be done for aesthetic purposes, it is essential to note that it is primarily meant for patients with a range of oral health issues.

 When Should Full Mouth Rebuilding be Considered?

Full mouth reconstruction is a much more comprehensive and expensive dental health treatment than other dental treatment types. Different forms of dental health treatments and procedures are all employed to achieve full mouth rebuilding. Dental implants, dentures, dental bridges, teeth whitening all come under full mouth reconstruction.

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There are dental issues displayed by patients all through their mouths that ought to require thorough treatment with a final arrangement that improves both the capacity and style of their oral and dental frameworks, all things considered. They may show issues requiring fixing, for example, worn teeth through bruxism, broken or broken teeth, various teeth with enormous fillings that have flopped because of general tooth decay, and different blending teeth that have influenced the viability of their bite.

Who are the ideal candidates for a Full Mouth Rebuilding?

Several factors determine candidacy for a full mouth rebuilding. But the most common link amongst all factors is the existence of multiple oral problems. Patients who are generally healthy enough to have local anesthesia administered to them can have a full mouth rebuilding.

The following is a list of some factors that may cause multiple problems in oral health;

  1. Accidents
  2. Oral diseases like gingivitis or oral cancer
  3. Worn down set of teeth
  4. Continuous jaw pain
  5. Exceptional cases patients – patients with special dental health issues like amelogenesis and ectodermal dysplasia will need to undergo a full mouth reconstruction procedure.

Procedures Involved in a FMR

A full mouth reconstruction procedure is like a point of intersection for cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry to achieve beauty, functionality, and overall health of the mouth.

The following treatments and procedures are infused in a full mouth rebuilding;

  1. Restorative treatments like inlays, bridges, and crowns
  2. Periodontal surgery
  3. Dental implants
  4. Cosmetic surgery – gum recontouring, dental bonding, teeth whitening.
  5. Bone grafting
  6. Deep cleaning
  7. Orthographic surgery in extreme cases
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Full mouth rebuilding is a combination of many procedures, and the above list is non-exhaustive of the procedures.

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