We’ve Reopened!

We've Reopened! | Aesthetic Associates Centre | COVID-19 Reopening

Aesthetic Associates Centre is happy to announce that we have reopened and are now seeing patients for all your dental care needs. We have carefully planned and revised our office procedures to minimize any risk of infection.

We've Reopened! | Aesthetic Associates Centre | COVID-19 ReopeningAs always, our team continues to follow strict guidelines set forth by the CDC, OSHA, and ADA in regards to personal protective equipment (PPE) and office sterilization. Your health and well-being continue to be our highest priority and we are ONLY open because of our carefully planned and revised procedures. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, we had strict protocols in place for cleaning and sanitizing our offices, but now we have added additional measures to ensure the well-being of our patients, doctors and staff. 

We know that after 2 months of social distancing, many of our patients and their families are ready to catch up on their dental care. Delaying necessary dental care can be harmful to your health, and we encourage you to schedule your appointments as soon as you can to prevent any oral health issues from arising.

During the pandemic, we remained open to treat dental emergencies and those experiencing pain or discomfort. However, now we are able to treat patients for any type of dental care from routine checkups to elective cosmetic dentistry procedures.

What will my next appointment look like?

The best way to keep everyone safe and slow the spread of the coronavirus is to only allow healthy people into our office. As a result, we’ve created a thorough screening questionnaire we require patients to fill out prior to being seen by our doctors. We have also secured appropriate CDC, OSHA, and ADA approved personal protective equipment (PPE) for our patients, doctors, and staff. We are diligent in constantly screening our own doctors and support staff for signs of cough, high temperature and shortness of breath to name a few. We also follow strict social distancing, and provide ample hand sanitizer throughout our offices for patients to use.

Finding a reason to smile isn’t always easy these days. With so much turmoil and uncertainty in the world, we want to help alleviate your fears and put you at ease. We are proud to have created a family-friendly environment and truly value each and every patient that walks through our doors.

Our own families are also patients, so be assured we’ll be taking care of you just as we would our own family members. We look forward to seeing you all and welcoming you back to our practice!

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