Looking For An Implant Dentist in Buffalo? – Here’s What To Look For!

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Looking For An Implant Dentist in Buffalo? – Here’s What To Look For!

Afraid of visiting an implant dentist? It’s not uncommon for patients to get overwhelmed by the thought of having a screw installed. Yes, we’re referring to the dental implant procedure! Dental implants are easily the best, most reliable and long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth. Not only do they allow you to smile fully but also give back your confidence along with the freedom to enjoy all your favorite food items. While the procedure yields a positive outcome for most patients, it’s crucial that you choose the best implant dentist for uncompromised results. Here are 4 things to look for in an Implant Dentist.


Implant Dentist in Buffalo Todd Shatkin DDS Free Implant ConsultationDental implant procedure requires intensive training, as dental implants should be placed properly for the treatment to be successful. Moreover, patients should be screened to determine if the procedure is the best option for them.

At Aesthetic Associates Center, Todd Shatkin DDS has the highest level of dental implant training and has been placing dental implants for over 30 years. In fact, he even patented a dental implant procedure that he new teaches to dentists from around the world. He not only understands all patient screening protocols but is also apt at modern dental implant techniques. If you’re interested in improving your smile and dental health with dental implants in Buffalo, NY, he is the ideal choice!

Track Record

When it comes to choosing the best implant dentist, experience also matters alongside training. You should assess their skills by evaluating the quality of their previous work.

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Make sure you read patients’ reviews and testimonials before booking an appointment. Before and after pictures of their work will also help you make the right decision. You may ask for references and find out if the implant dentist will walk you through the entire procedure and put your needs, comfort, and concerns on top.

Implant Placement and Restoring Skills

Many implant dentists only offer one phase of the dental implant procedure. After placing the implants, they tend to refer patients to another dentist who then places the restorations. This often isn’t a pleasant experience for patients, as coordination may become an issue.

Dr. Todd Shatkin offers complete dental implants procedure, taking care of the placement of both implants and restorations at his clinic.

Technology Savvy Implant Dentist

Considering the technological advancements in the dental implants arena, your implant dentist should be apt at using modern equipment and techniques to yield improved results of the procedure.

Dr. Todd Shatkin uses the latest technology to ensure you’re a good candidate for the procedure and plans the process accordingly. Moreover, he uses premium-quality materials for implant restoration so that it looks, feels, and functions like your natural teeth. Following the modern cosmetic dentistry trends, he guarantees minimum pain and recovery time.

At Aesthetic Associates Center, we have the perfect dental implants solution for your compromised teeth. Work with the best implant dentist to enjoy the maximum benefits of the procedure with little to no risks involved. Also, get answers to all your dental implants questions before moving forward.

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